Optimus Instruments

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Hospitaalstraat 35
9140 Steendorp (Temse)


Téléphone : +32-3-744 05 02
Fax: +32-3-744 02 37
Site web: www.optimus.be


Optimus Instruments supports innovative progress in Petrochemical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries by delivering quality improving instruments and services.

Optimus Instruments, your lab’s premium supplier and technical expert in:
• Petroleum analysers
• Reactor systems
• Distillation equipment
• Laboratory instruments
• Process analytics

European Lab Services, your lab’s number one service and support partner for:
Verification of petroleum analysers according ISO/IEC 17025
• Temperature calibration according ISO/IEC 17025
• Calibration of laboratory balances
• Maintenance and repair

Experience and expertise
“Quality-awareness is a way of living and we have been living this way since 1987.”

By listening and in depth analysis of the problem we select the correct, innovative and cost-effective techniques for your application in order to improve quality.

Integrated solutions
“In an industry where quality is key, there is no such thing as standard solutions”

We provide a solution in the form of a streamlined integrated combination of quality instruments.
Optimus Instruments supplies the complete package, including application analysis, supply and installation, user training, maintenance and calibration.

Service and quality monitoring
“When technology reaches perfection, it’s service that makes all the difference”

The dedicated and highly skilled engineers will monitor your application by carrying out performance evaluation, systematic calibration and regular maintenance.