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Burdinola, a company founded in 1978 and dedicated to laboratory planning, integration and installation, providing global solutions on a worldwide scale.

Their services cover integral project management i.e.: consultancy and engineering, manufacture, installation and service integration, training and commissioning, and after-sales service; maintenance and verifications.

As a manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience managing projects in laboratory environments, Burdinola has a range of products which include:
 Laboratory worktops and storage units
 Service Systems
 Fume Cupboards and other extraction elements

With headquarters in Amoroto (Bizkaia), the company has had an International Expansion Strategy since 1995, and is among the European references in their sector. Expansion strategy has continued in time opening up to other markets such as Latin America or Gulf Countries.

Throughout their history Burdinola has positioned itself at the head of the pharmaceutical, hospital, chemical, research and educational sectors among others; and boasts international recognition. More than 5.000 labprojects successfully completed worldwide defines Burdinola as a leading international brand.

Burdinola’s differentiation is based on their commitment to the safety of the installations and professional users, which is their major hallmark. Furthermore, their DNA is completed with their commitment to sustainability, personalized solutions, design, efficiency, quality and integral solutions.

Safety is Burdinola’s major value proposal and included in their mission as follows: “We create the safest and most efficient laboratories in the world where researchers enjoy working towards a better society”.

This differentiation is materialised in their membership of the main associations and forums where international standards are established:

 AENOR. Burdinola represents AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification on the European Technical Committee TC4) as a laboratory Supplier.
 CEN. In 1985, Burdinola assumed Spanish representation on the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in the field of laboratories in general and fume cupboards in particular. They are the experts appointed by AENOR to represent Spain the creation of European laboratory safety standards.

In addition, special mention should be given to their commitment to sustainability which they carry out from the European Association for sustainable laboratories, namely EGNATON, of which they are a founder member.


BURDINOLA S.COOP. HEADQUARTERS : Ctra. Lekeitio km. 53,5 48289 Amoroto (Bizkaia) Spain . Tel. +34 94 684 07 66 - Fax. +34 94 684 20 05 – www.burdinola.com
 Production facilities: over 25,000 m2
 Sales Network: 5 sales delegations in Spain and Offices in France, Italy, UK, Benelux, Dubai, Mexico and Colombia.

BURDINOLA Benelux srl : Chaussée de Bruxelles 60, B-1400 Nivelles

. Tel +32 472 53 20 69 - benelux@burdinola.com